Why LivingStones?

Over the ensuing years, the trend of fraud has not only increased in volume, but also in diversity; branching out from what had been primarily life claims, to include hospital, medical, disability, and property loss or damage. We are also seeing more sophistication and better organization.  We’ve seen a trend toward taking out more policies with small amounts of coverage, spread among various companies. To complicate matters further, claims are coming from more remote and often hostile locations.

Flying your own investigator into a foreign country is expensive, and as such is usually reserved for the largest claims. A foreign investigation are often cost prohibitive, particularly in third-world countries where fraud incidence was highest. Writing, phoning, or faxing direct for documents overseas is usually fruitless, and certainly frustrating, and “intercepts” are sometimes set up to take phone calls or to receive letters, casting doubt on any information you are given in response, as it may be totally false. Even those companies who can send their own investigator are dependent upon a limited number of people trying to speak a multitude of languages. We just knew there had to be a better way.

Solutions that work.

In 1987 Livingstones International was formed by insurance claims investigators and underwriters to help deal with fraudulent foreign claims. LivingStones International provides support to insurance companies incurring claims around the world. All of our work is done outside the United States, where we are currently active in over 200 countries. We are not bound by that list, however, as we are always building and expanding our network.

We know there is no substitute for someone you know and trust actually going to the scene and making inquiries and requests, and waiting for the results. We knew that the best solution was to develop a network of reliable investigators, known and trustworthy, “in place”, to minimize travel time and costs. The investigators would need to know the language, the customs, and the lay of the land. They would be asked to go to the officials and request records, documents, or reports personally, and wait until they have those items in hand, then forward them to us by the fastest and most secure means possible. Our investigators have cultivated relationships with the local authorities. They have gained their cooperation and respect, and continue to build bridges for future claims.

Most insurance companies don’t have the luxury of time to set up such a network. But we are here for you. Contact us to see how we might be of service to you.

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